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March 31, 2014

Is it Vacation Time Yet?

How is it that vacations always sneak up on us? Remember when I booked Miami about three months ago? Now it's only three weeks until I am there. I initially thought it would be better to get away during March when it's brutally cold here in NY, but as it turns out, April isn't looking like a scorcher. Either way, I am excited to escape the city. They are some crazy kids down there in Miami, so I'm thinking about what I should pack with me...vacation always makes me want to shop, but I am trying to hold back on this one. I think a bold bathing suit and bright dresses should do it. I also wish I had all of these cute shorts to bring with me...

August 17, 2012

A Nicer Take on Shorts

I love shorts, but my closet is currently filled with torn jean ones from high school. Most of the pairs I own, even if not jean, are super short and sometimes uncomfortable to wear in public.On these hot summer days and nights, it's nice to wear something a bit more casual than a skirt or dress to dinner or out to the bar, without feeling inappropriate in beach shorts.
I like these silk, cotton and even leather shorts. The patterns and textures add something unique and different to the basic short, making them a bit more sophisticated and fun to wear.
Now is the best time to browse the stores. As fall styles come in, summer wear is starting to go on sale. And, there's still a bit of time to get use out of them this season.

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