January 18, 2013

Jerusalem cookbook

I bought my mom Jerusalem for Christmas, as we love his first vegetarian cookbook Plenty (This latest one includes meat, which makes me drool over the lamb dishes. I am still a pescatarian though). We recently have been cooking many of our meals from Jerusalem as they are challenging, unique, and authentically ethnic. Unfortunately, I have not blogged about every dish, including his spicy tilapia and stuffed eggplant. I highly recommend anyone who likes a challenge, and access to odd and hard-to-find spices, to buy this book immediately. I will say though, Yotam's first book, Plenty, is much more demanding and time-consuming. Jerusalem is a bit more tuned to the general consumer and average chef. Yotam has also been featured in Food & Wine. 

Also, the pictures are beautiful. And mouth-watering.

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