January 10, 2013

Heel Slump

Lately, every time I have tried to wear my (sky) high heels, the ones that were second nature to me in college, my toes have screamed out in agony. I have a few theories. First, when I come home to Portland, I don't dress up as much as I do elsewhere - probably something to do with being too comfortable in my hometown. As this is the longest I have lived at home since I left for school, I believe my feet have completely lost their tolerance to anything higher than 3 inches.

My second theory is the weather. The rainy, winter months in Portland are unmotivating. I wake up to grey skies and want to wear nothing but boots. Both of these hypotheses cause me to wear more flats (i.e. boots), and less heels. And while I love all boots (and all shoes for that matter), I have resolved to make more of an effort to change up my footwear. Looking at these pictures below will hopefully inspire me to be more proactive.

But I probably won't attempt these few crazy ones...although I do think they're pretty funny.

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